Once upon a time

Being a freelance writer kind of feels like being Goldilocks. First there is no work, then there is too much work, then the work is just right.

Or first the work is easy. One week the words are flowing from my fingers and I’m filing stories like a boss. The next week I’m in over my head. I get stuck on a piece and can’t work through it. The assignments start to pile up behind me and soon everything’s tied up. Panic sets in. I move on to something else and then yet something else grabs my attention. Suddenly I’m switching back and forth between three totally unrelated topics. A search for long lost family (not mine), the profile of a labour doula with an exciting business, and interior design tips from the excerpts all swirling around in my head together, a massive jumble, the pressure mounting until I have no choice but to summon my mental strength and turn down the noise. Take a deep breath and take control. Or else miss the deadlines and potentially the pay checks. No chance.

That’s what happened last week (smooth sailing) and this week (troubled waters).  So I spent a very late night working through the first problem. I was not letting myself go to bed until I sorted out the story. Outlines, bullet points, and 5 drafts later and it physically felt like a weight had been lifted off my chest. Then it was like the floodgates opened. The next story poured out naturally and I was soon on to the next. Back in business.

Finally the work feels just right... until I have to start filling up my cold empty plate again, until it’s too hot to handle and I’ll have to make things just right.

A few recent articles:

Stay tuned for articles on sea glass art, fitness 101, a long lost family found, interior design tips and the profile of a labour doula with a unique business.