Miss Independent

We’ve recently entered a phase that’s equally awesome as it is frustrating. Miss Independent has decided she wants to do more things for herself. It’s awesome because she’s developing and learning and on her way to becoming more self-sufficient. It also means when she’s determined to put her own socks on, I have 15 minutes of hands-free time on my own – to finish getting ready to go out, tidy things up, peek at my phone or the computer, in peace.

It’s frustrating because when we’re rushing out the door (which is most of the time. it is never a calm, quiet and relaxed departure) I really just want to get her dressed, put her shoes and coat on myself and GO but it often ends up in a battle, usually with her crying and squirming out of my arms and onto the floor.

We’re going to have to start preparing for our departures earlier, so she can have the time to try and figure things out on her own. I don’t want her feeling rushed, me standing over her, telling her to hurry, hurry up.

Enter yet another life lesson from a tiny little child. As Bear says, “slowly down!” We shouldn’t always be in a mad rush. I need to give ourselves the time to get where we need to be. Schedule less as daily life just takes up more time in general. I’m not talking about lazing about and taking our sweet time everyday. We can still be efficient, go places and get stuff done, we just have to be smart about it if we want to make it easier on ourselves.

I’ve come to learn that staying at home with children is still very much a job—as such that it requires prep time, planning, and organization is definitely one of the top required skills.

But most importantly, we all need to learn to stop, take a big breath and savour the moment. Hey – if she wants to spend 10 minutes trying to get one shoe on to the wrong foot, that’s 10 more minutes for me to sneak into the kitchen and finish the Easter chocolate!