Close Call

Last week, a car drove into our front porch. Really. It’s a good thing the guy trying to pull a (fast and dangerous) u-turn, hitting the gas instead of the brakes, knocked down the stop sign and dragged it with him across our driveway because it slowed him down. The sign plowed through some lattice and landed under the porch. The car screeched to a halt before smashing the entire porch into smithereens. The damage doesn’t look too bad although we are slightly concerned about the structural integrity of the porch, as it appears to now be detached from the garage on one side. We’re waiting for an inspector to come and check it out.


Luckily, Bear and and I were out and returned home to the scene – the truck, 2 police cars and a CTV news vehicle. So many things could have gone wrong. The car could have slammed into oncoming traffic as it’s a blind corner where he pulled out to make the u-turn. There could have been someone on the sidewalk he jumped when he was out of control. Our car could have been in the driveway. Bear and I could have easily been in the driveway. Getting ready to go for a walk, coming home for a walk or sitting and watching the cars go by, as she loves to do from the front step! It makes me shudder to think how it could have been so much worse. In any case, it made for an exciting morning for Bear to watch the police car, and then tow truck, out the window.

So, aside from stray trucks driving into them, what better time to think about freshening up your front porch now that summer’s just around the corner? My article “Front porch face lift” for East Coast Living Magazine is now available online. Click here if you haven’t had your hands on a hard copy of the magazine, and get to work! Next up on my to-do list is to fill the wooden barrel beside our front door with fresh greenery and spring bulbs, and then put a fresh coat of paint on the front steps. How about you?