Kids are back to school. There’s a cool crispness in the air. Fall arrives next week. To me, this time of year always feels like a fresh start. A sort of renewal, a time to hit reset. Even more than the new year does come January, for some reason. I think it’s the back-to-school, back-to-routine, back-to-our-regularly-scheduled-programming that does it. The new school supplies, the new back-to-school clothes. It just feels like the right time to get life back on track and feeling fresh. 

This might explain why I’ve been feeling itchy to get stuff done around the house - finally finish our basement, decorate my office, fix up our bathroom.

So if like me you are craving some change or looking to refresh some areas of your house, here is a piece I wrote with tips on how to decorate like the pros, from East Coast Living’s design blog. I hope these tricks of the trade help you out! East Coast Living: Style your home like a pro

Screen Shot 2019-09-17 at 11.36.10 AM.png