My top 3 parenting videos of the moment

The Mother ’Hood Official Video

Ok, this one is hilarious AND it’s a tearjerker. Because it’s so true! You won’t catch me in the middle of any so-called ‘Mommy Wars’ (I value my life) but we’ve all encountered these different types of parents who think they know best. The first time I watched this I didn’t know what it was a commercial for. I wasn’t sure where it was going for a second there and pretty sure I held my breath.


Thank You Mom

An oldie but a goodie. Something to think about as we encourage Bear into various activities, and through life in general, Olympian or not. Raising an athlete looks stressful. And exciting and amazing. Much like the rest of parenting! Also, I miss the Olympics.

Why Moms Get Nothing Done

This was my life yesterday. Bear loves to help make smoothies. Once all the ingredients were together I turned around for one second to put the almond milk back in the fridge and she helpfully put the container on to the base for me. Upside down like it’s supposed to be. Without the lid attached. No photo evidence because I can’t catch EVERY moment.

I had to hide the Parmesan cheese when we were at the table for dinner because she kept insisting on more and was making a mess with it. I forgot to put it away…. She found it.

While I cleaned the kitchen up after dinner, she emptied the drawers. So then I had to clean up from cleaning up. Note how much space I had to do dishes.

Happy Friday! Enjoy the weekend.