A tale of time

Once upon a time I started a blog and I was very excited about all of the things I could write about. I have a list of many ideas, topics, and anecdotes. There have been trips and projects and problems and opportunities but the problem is that when all of these things are happening, I’m too busy with them happening to find time to sit down and write about it! I often think back and wish I’d found the time. Made the time. Whatever. I just wish I’d done it!

I don’t sit around beating myself up for it, that would be silly. There are no consequences when the blog doesn’t happen. Apart from you know, a dream and vision not coming to fruition. The upside is that I know there is still time for that to happen down the road. And it’s not like I’m sitting around with my feet up relaxing instead of working away at it.

Baby Fegan 2.0 due October 2015.

Baby Fegan 2.0 due October 2015.

For instance. Last week I was planning and prepping for Bear’s second birthday party on Saturday (hosted 20 guests all afternoon and evening). On Monday we hosted 20 more for a family dinner. I baked and decorated two dozen sugar cookies from scratch. I made two dozen cupcakes (not from scratch but I decorated them). I made a 4-layer purple ombre birthday cake. I had a magazine deadline. I’m home full-time with a toddler. And I’m 26 weeks pregnant! (SURPRISE! Yet another life event not featured on the blog). So I’ve been busy and tired and yes, if I added up all the minutes I spend scrolling the facebook-instagram-twitter circuit I’d have lots of minutes for blogging. But it would be hard to blog in three-minute intervals!

So the point of all this is to say that there’s no day like today! There is always tomorrow! Try, try, again! Don’t give up! While my posts may be few and far between, I am here. Things are happening. And eventually I will write about them.